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Buy a horse


We can mediate in case you want to buy a horse to match your requirements.

With our network of reliable stables and private owners we can reach a broad spectrum of horses for sale at all levels.

We will make a selection of horses which we think match your requirement. All information will be sent to you and discussed to get to a final selection for viewing.

When the final selection is ready we will travel together to visit the horses and meet the owners. If necessary we can make several visits to make sure the horse is exactly what you are looking for.

Off course all information shared with Team Select Horses will be handled with the total discretion and will be confidential if requested.

Team Select Horses provides the following services

  • Scout capable and suitable horses throughout Europe
  • Arranging a visit tour to the selected horses.
  • Pick up at every Dutch airport
  • Arrange accommodation
  • We support all processes from start to finish and assist where necessary, including vetting and inspections and transport to new stables
  • Understanding the required skills of the horse to be able to offer a match
  • Acts as a reality check
  • Manages the negotiation process
  •  Facilitates communication